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July 9 2003 -- There are bad lines generated in the RBGL.def file which cause Rcmd INSTALL to die in ld while building RBGL.dll. I find the following to succeed with either mingw or cygwin tools: 1) attempt a standard installation and wait for the error 2) edit RBGL/src/RBGL.def and remove all lines containing periods 3) in RBGL/src, MANUALLY perform the creation of the dll with a command like g++ --shared -s -o RBGL.dll RBGL.def RBGL.a RBGL_res.o -LC:{$R_HOME}/src/gnuwin32 -lg2c -lR [in the above you will probably need to expand {$R_HOME} manually] 4) attempt the standard installation of the modified source package. The .dll will not be remade. The boost header set will be removed and untarred needlessly but this has no significance. INSTALL will not try to recreate the dll, so the ld error will not recur. This package does not fully conform to the instructions in rw-FAQ for including C++ in packages for R for windows. It does not seem feasible to extern "C" all function names in the entire boost header distribution. Thus the offending .def file includes many symbols of no use to R. Advice on how to rectify this or on how to automate the process of repairing the .def file should be posted to