Examples of fitness effects


  Some examples fitnessEffects objects. This is a collection, in a list,
  of most of the fitnessEffects created (using
  \code{\link{allFitnessEffects}}) for the vignette. See the vignette
  for descriptions and references.

The format is a list of fitnessEffects objects.
%% \source{
%%   Gerstung et al., 2009. Quantifying cancer progression with conjunctive
%%   Bayesian networks. \emph{Bioinformatics}, 21: 2809--2815.
%%   Gerstung et al., 2011. The Temporal Order of Genetic and Pathway
%%   Alterations in Tumorigenesis. \emph{PLoS ONE}, 6.
%% }




evalAllGenotypes(examplesFitnessEffects[["cbn1"]], order = FALSE)