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\title{Load the package configuration from a config file}
omnipath_load_config(path = NULL, title = "default", user = FALSE, ...)
\item{path}{Path to the config file.}

\item{title}{Load the config under this title. One config file might
contain multple configurations, each identified by a title. If the
title is not available the first section of the config file will be

\item{user}{Force to use the user level config even if a config file
exists in the current directory. By default, the local config files
have prioroty over the user level config.}

\item{...}{Passed to \code{yaml::yaml.load_file}.}
Invisibly returns the config as a list.
Load the package configuration from a config file
# load the config from a custom config file:
omnipath_load_config(path = 'my_custom_omnipath_config.yml')