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\title{Moves an existing file into the cache}
  key = NULL,
  version = NULL,
  url = NULL,
  post = NULL,
  payload = NULL,
  keep_original = FALSE
\item{path}{Path to the source file}

\item{key}{Key of the cache item}

\item{version}{Version of the cache item. If does not exist a new version
item will be created}

\item{url}{URL of the downloaded resource}

\item{post}{HTTP POST parameters as a list}

\item{payload}{HTTP data payload}

\item{keep_original}{Whether to keep or remove the original file}
Character: invisibly returns the version number of the cache
    version item.
Either the key or the URL (with POST and payload) must be provided.
path <- tempfile()
saveRDS(rnorm(100), file = path)
omnipath_cache_move_in(path, url = 'the_download_address')

# basic example of moving a file to the cache:

bioc_url <- 'https://bioconductor.org/'
html_file <- tempfile(fileext = '.html')
httr::GET(bioc_url, httr::write_disk(html_file, overwrite = TRUE))
omnipath_cache_move_in(path = html_file, url = bioc_url)
omnipath_cache_remove(url = bioc_url) # cleaning up