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\title{Filters the versions from one cache record}
  latest = FALSE,
  max_age = NULL,
  min_age = NULL,
\item{record}{A cache record}

\item{latest}{Return the most recent version}

\item{max_age}{The maximum age in days (e.g. 5: 5 days old or more recent)}

\item{min_age}{The minimum age in days (e.g. 5: 5 days old or older)}

\item{status}{Character vector with status codes. By default only the
versions with `ready` (completed download) status are selected}
Character vector with version IDs, NA if no version satisfies the
Filters the versions based on multiple conditions: their age and status
# creating an example cache record
bioc_url <- 'https://bioconductor.org/'
version <- omnipath_cache_latest_or_new(url = bioc_url)
httr::GET(bioc_url, httr::write_disk(version$path, overwrite = TRUE))
record <- dplyr::first(omnipath_cache_search('biocond'))

# only the versions with status "ready"
version_numbers <- omnipath_cache_filter_versions(record, status = 'ready')
omnipath_cache_remove(url = bioc_url) # cleaning up