NetPathMiner 1.19.1
* Added a new function to create a metabolite network.
* Added a new function to reindex networks using vertex attributes.
* Removed compiler warnings.
* Fixed various bugs in network manipulation.

NetPathMiner 1.3.1
* Fixed a bug SBML2igraph (metabolic).

NetPathMiner 1.1.6

* plotCytoscapeGML: a new function to export network plots as GML files, for Cytoscape 3.0 compatibility.
* getGetsetNetworks now can return pathway-class objects, used by graphite package, which allows fast topology-based geneset analyses.
* getGenesets now can export the results in GMT file format, readily parsed by most GSEA packages.
* Bug fixes on KGML signaling network construction.

NetPathMiner 1.1.3

* Bioconductor stable release on the development branch