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\title{Check if save path and log folder is appropriate}
  write_vcf = FALSE,
  verbose = TRUE
\item{save_path}{File path to save formatted data. Defaults to

\item{log_folder}{Filepath to the directory for the log files and the log of
MungeSumstats messages to be stored. Default is a temporary directory. Note
the name of the log files (log messages and log outputs) are now the same as
the name of the file specified in the save path parameter with the extension
'_log_msg.txt' and '_log_output.txt' respectively.}

\item{log_folder_ind}{Binary Should log files be stored containing all
filtered out SNPs (separate file per filter). The data is outputted in the
same format specified for the resulting sumstats file. The only exception to
this rule is if output is vcf, then log file saved as .tsv.gz. Default is

\item{tabix_index}{Index the formatted summary statistics with
\href{http://www.htslib.org/doc/tabix.html}{tabix} for fast querying.}

\item{write_vcf}{Whether to write as VCF (TRUE) or tabular file (FALSE).}

\item{verbose}{Print messages.}
Corrected \code{save_path}, the file type, the separator, corrected
\code{log_folder},the log file extension.
Check if save path and log folder is appropriate