October 4, 2017
View 1ae931f

tracking down motif name equality bug

paul-shannon authored on 04/10/2017 22:07:08
View e90f526

getlocale in failing test

paul-shannon authored on 04/10/2017 21:10:45
View 4acf0d7

documentation for geneToMotif, motifToGene, associateT...

paul-shannon authored on 04/10/2017 19:49:25
View 0aa3bd2

lexical only: renamed 2 variables

paul-shannon authored on 04/10/2017 17:49:04
October 3, 2017
View d030e74

motifToGene sidesteps regexes by grep fixed=TRUE

paul-shannon authored on 03/10/2017 18:13:41
September 26, 2017
View 3b614ce

motif/TF mapping sources now case insensitive

paul-shannon authored on 26/09/2017 20:09:39
September 18, 2017
View 1f060cb

Fixed jaspar format spacing and updated DESCRIPTION

Matthew Richards authored on 18/09/2017 18:31:33
September 12, 2017
View 094b985

now annotates to TFs properly for MotifDb and TFClass sources

paul-shannon authored on 12/09/2017 20:20:46
September 7, 2017
View 49ebd9d

geneToMotif, motifToGene, associateTranscriptionFactors tested

paul-shannon authored on 07/09/2017 23:28:23
August 13, 2017
View 2def1ee

roughed in data, methods and tests for mapping tf genes <--> motifs

paul-shannon authored on 13/08/2017 00:19:12
August 1, 2017
View 8ff7379

Updated unit tests to accomodate added motifs

Matthew Richards authored on 01/08/2017 16:44:49
View fa5fbc9

Fixed 2 of 6 failing unit tests

Matthew Richards authored on 01/08/2017 00:26:44
June 15, 2017
View 8c9d39f

Added jaspar output format and unit tests

Matthew Richards authored on 15/06/2017 22:50:54
August 28, 2015
View 2f30a7b

in test.geneIdsAndTypes, typeCounts are now checked against minima, rather than absolute counts, hopting to make these tests robust against future additions to the data

p.shannon authored on 28/08/2015 20:43:22
View 9ad58ff

expanded to top=50 rtahern top=5 in call to motifMatch, to ensure the search target is returned. this accomodates the peculiar fact MotIV's match algorithm and results differs on linux and macos

p.shannon authored on 28/08/2015 20:40:02