Bioconductor Package MotifDb: LICENSE

MotifDb is a collection of position weight matrices and metadata obtained
from six sources, with some restriction upon commercial use as described

| 2769 position frequency matrices from 6 sources:
|    FlyFactorSurvey:  614
|        JASPAR_CORE:  459
|             ScerTF:  196
|           UniPROBE:  380
|               hPDI:  437
|            stamlab:  683

FlyFactorSurvey:  all data described as "public"

JASPAR_CORE:  "The JASPAR CORE database contains a curated,
non-redundant set of profiles, derived from published collections of
experimentally defined transcription factor binding sites for
eukaryotes. The prime difference to similar resources (TRANSFAC, etc)
consist of the open data acess, non-redundancy and quality."

ScerTF: "The entire database of optimal matrices selected for all S.
cerevisiae transcription factors is available for download here."  No
restrictions mentioned.   Spivak and Stormo explain that they curated
their collection from ten sources, listed here:

UniPROBE: "Please note that any files which contain PBM probe sequences
are protected by an academic research use license, which will require
confirmation prior to file download."  Bioconductor received permission
for download with the understanding that commercial users will 
contact the Bulyk Lab for specific permission when using PBM data. 

hPDI:  "The content in the hPDI database is free to academic and
non-profit organizations. Users for commercial purpose please contact
the authors before download the data sets."

stamlab: These motifs are part of the ENCODE project, and therefore public.