\title{Write rnk files containing gene projections}
  writeRnkFiles(icaSet, abs = TRUE, path)
  \item{icaSet}{An object of class \code{IcaSet}}

  \item{abs}{If TRUE (default) the absolute projection
  values are used.}

  \item{path}{The path that will contain the rnk files.}
  Writes the gene projection values of each component in a
  '.rnk' file for GSEA.
  The .rnk format requires two columns, the first
  containing the gene IDs, the second containing the
  projection values. The genes are ordered by projection
  values. The files are named "index-of-component_abs.rnk"
  if \code{abs=TRUE}, or "index-of-component.rnk" if