\title{Retrieve and set component labels, indices, and witness genes from IcaSet}
  These generic functions access and set the attributes \code{compNames}, \code{indComp} and \code{witGenes}
   stored in an object of class \code{IcaSet}.
indComp(object) <- value
compNames(object) <- value
witGenes(object) <- value
  \item{object}{object of class \code{IcaSet}}
  \item{value}{Numeric vector for \code{indComp}, character vector for \code{compNames} and
    \code{witGenes}, with length equal to \code{ncol(A(object))}
    and containing: component indices (for
    \code{indComp}), labels (for \code{compNames}), or gene witness IDs (for \code{witGenes}).}

  \code{indComp} returns a numeric vector containing  component indices;
  \code{compNames} returns a character vector containing component labels;
  \code{witGenes} returns a character vector containing  witness genes IDs.
\author{Anne Biton}