Package: MineICA
Type: Package
Title: Analysis of an ICA decomposition obtained on genomics data
Version: 1.28.0
Date: 2012-03-16
Author: Anne Biton
Maintainer: Anne Biton <>
Description: The goal of MineICA is to perform Independent Component
        Analysis (ICA) on multiple transcriptome datasets, integrating
        additional data (e.g molecular, clinical and pathological).
        This Integrative ICA helps the biological interpretation of the
        components by studying their association with variables (e.g
        sample annotations) and gene sets, and enables the comparison
        of components from different datasets using correlation-based
License: GPL-2
LazyLoad: yes
Depends: R (>= 2.10), methods, BiocGenerics (>= 0.13.8), Biobase, plyr,
        ggplot2, scales, foreach, xtable, biomaRt, gtools, GOstats, cluster,
        marray, mclust, RColorBrewer, colorspace, igraph, Rgraphviz, graph,
        annotate, Hmisc, fastICA, JADE
Imports: AnnotationDbi, lumi, fpc, lumiHumanAll.db
Suggests: biomaRt, GOstats, cluster, hgu133a.db, mclust, igraph,
        breastCancerMAINZ, breastCancerTRANSBIG, breastCancerUPP,
        breastCancerVDX, future, future.apply
Enhances: doMC
Collate: 'AllClasses.R' 'AllGeneric.R' 'methods-IcaSet.R'
        'methods-MineICAParams.R' 'compareAnalysis.R'
        'functions_comp2annot.R' 'functions_comp2annottests.R'
        'functions_enrich.R' 'functions.R' ''
        'heatmapsOnSel.R' 'runAn.R' 'compareGenes.R'
biocViews: Visualization, MultipleComparison