\title{Description of features using package \code{biomaRt}.}
   writeGenes(data, filename = NULL,
     mart = useMart(biomart = "ensembl", dataset = "hsapiens_gene_ensembl"),
     typeId = "hgnc_symbol", typeRetrieved = NULL,
     sortBy = NULL, sortAbs = TRUE, colAnnot = NULL,
     decreasing = TRUE, highlight = NULL, caption = "")
   \item{data}{Either a data.frame whose rownames or one of
   its columns contain the IDs to be annotated, or a vector
   of IDs.}
   \item{filename}{The name of the HTML file where gene
   annotations are written.}
   \item{mart}{Output of function \code{useMart} from
   package \code{biomaRt}.}
   \item{typeId}{The type of IDs available in \code{data},
   in the biomaRt way (type \code{listFilters(mart)} to
   choose one).}
   \item{typeRetrieved}{The descriptors uses to annotate the
   features of \code{data} (type \code{listAttributes(mart)}
   to choose one or several).}
   \item{sortBy}{Name of a column of \code{data} used to
   order the output.}
   \item{sortAbs}{If TRUE absolute value of column
   \code{sortBy} is used to order the output.}
   \item{colAnnot}{The column containing the IDs to be
   annotated, if NULL or missing and argument \code{data} is
   a data.frame, then rownames of \code{data} must contain
   the IDs.}
   \item{decreasing}{If TRUE, the output is sorted by
   decreasing values of the \code{sortBy} column}
   \item{highlight}{IDs to be displayed in colour red in the
   returned table}
   \item{caption}{A title for the HTML table}
   This function returns a data.frame which contains
   annotations of the input data.
   This function annotates IDs (typically gene IDs) provided
   by the user and returns an html file with their
   \code{"hgnc_symbol", "ensembl_gene_id", "description",
   "chromosome_name", "start_position", "end_position",
   "band"}, and \code{"strand"}, are automatically added to
   the list of fields available in argument
   \code{typeRetrieved} queried on biomaRt. The web-links to and are
   automatically added in the columns of the output
   respectively corresponding to \code{hgnc_symbol} and
 if (interactive()) {
 ## define the database to be used
 mart <- useMart(biomart="ensembl", dataset="hsapiens_gene_ensembl")
 ### Describe:
 ## a set of hgnc symbols with default descriptions (typeRetrieved=NULL)
 genes <- c("TOP2A","E2F3","E2F1","CDK1","CDC20","MKI67")
 writeGenes(data=genes, filename="foo", mart=mart, typeId = "hgnc_symbol")
 ## a data.frame indexed by hngc symbols, sort output according to column "values", add a title to the HTML output
 datagenes <- data.frame(values=rnorm(6),row.names = genes)
 writeGenes(data=datagenes, filename="foo", sortBy = "values", caption = "Description of some proliferation genes.")
 ## a set of Entrez Gene IDs with default descriptions
 genes <- c("7153","1871","1869","983","991","4288")
 writeGenes(data=genes, filename="foo", mart=mart, typeId = "entrezgene")
 ## add the GO category the genes belong to
 ## search in listAttributes(mart)[,1] which filter correspond to the Gene Ontology -> "go_id"
 writeGenes(data=genes, filename="foo", mart=mart, typeId = "entrezgene", typeRetrieved = "go_id")
   Anne Biton