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# MSstats development version <!-- badges: start --> [![Travis build status](]( [![Codecov test coverage](]( <!-- badges: end --> [MSstats]( is an R-based/Bioconductor package for statistical relative quantification of peptides and proteins in mass spectrometry-based proteomic experiments. It is applicable to multiple types of sample preparation, including label-free workflows, workflows that use stable isotope labeled reference proteins and peptides, and workflows that use fractionation. It is applicable to targeted Selected Reactin Monitoring(SRM), Data-Dependent Acquisiton(DDA or shotgun), and Data-Independent Acquisition(DIA or SWATH-MS). This package implements converter functions that are used by MSstats to import data from various signal processing tools. ## Installation This development version is only available on Github: ``` devtools::install_github("Vitek-Lab/MSstatsConvert", build_vignettes = TRUE) ``` ## Documentation and examples An extensive documentation can be found on the [official website of the package]( ## Contributing We welcome contributions from the community. For details on how to contribute to the development of MSsstas, please refer to the [CONTRIBUTING]( file. ## License [Artistic-2.0](