Version 1.18.1
 o Improved protein inference. Now it has two options - either unique peptide or
   with razor.

Version 1.17.1
 o Broadened the scope of the tool to ImmunoOncology - that is finding rare
   events that reflected in protein sequence.
Version 1.15.1
 o mzR now added scan number(s) into the table representation of
   mzIdentML object. As a results it caused an error in my unit test
   checking if the file reads properly. Fixed this check with updated hash.

Version 1.11.1
 o Switch from mclapply to parLapply in filter optimizaition.
   This fixes a bug 
   "Assertion failure at kmp_runtime.cpp(6480): __kmp_thread_pool == __null."
   Also allows to run parallel on Window OS

Version 1.7.3
 o Logical error fix in PSM FDR calculation. Prior it ignored redundancy
   in peptide to protein mapping. Now protein accession are discarded
   and unique rows considered before compuring the FDR.
 o Added unit test to cover new PSM FDR calculation.

Version 1.7.2
 o added high performance parser based on mzR::openIDFile

Version 1.7.1
 o added infer_parsimonious_accessions method
 o version leap from 1.3.1 to 1.7.1 to catch up with Bioconductor
 o fixed conflict between reshape2 and data.table

Version 1.3.1
 o S4 methods "accessions" and "proteins" outsourced to ProtGenerics

Version 1.1.6
 o Added explicit mc.cores argument for "Grid" type of 
 o Fix of trimming to basename on POSIX

Version 1.1.5
 o Always trimming spectrumFile and databaseFile to basename
    after reading data from mzIdentML files.

Version 1.1.4
 o Catching up with changes in mzID package version 1.5.3

Version 1.1.3
 o Updated data, documentation and unit test to reflect the
    latest changes in mzID

Version 1.1.2
 o id_quality and evaluate_filter may have multiple values for
    the level argument. By default it is all three:
    "PSM", "peptide" and "accession". The return value for
    both methods is switched to matrices.
 o added Laurent Gatto as a contributor

Version 1.1.1
 o fix mishandling PSM
 o use mzR::psms generic

Version 1.1.0
 o Bumping versions after creating 3.0 release branch.

Version 0.99.3
o Rcpp back into "Depends"

Version 0.99.2
o Updated Rcpp dependency
o Updated contact info to match the bioc-devel mailing list

Version 0.99.1
o Updated dependency on mzID version

Version 0.99.0
o Minor bug fixes
o Added unit tests for filter optimization and assessment of
    non-tryptic and missed cleavages
o Version bump for Bioconductor submission

Version 0.1.0
o First release version