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# MACSQuantifyR The goal of MACSQuantifyR is to analyze MACSQuantify excel files through a user-friendly GUI interface. # Benefits **The first aim of this package is to provide a fast and powerful handling of the user's data through minimum R coding.**   **Automatic** sorting of the replicates according to user input through a - __user-friendly and interactive graphical interface__   **Automatic** statistical treatment of each condition replicates with - __no black boxes__   **Easy access** to intermediary results at from each steps of the analysis allowing a - __user-tailored analysis__   **Comprehensive** report generation with graphical representations for a - __automated and exhaustive analysis__   From replicate ordering to combination index calculation MACSQuantifyR is a - __all-in-one package for biologists__   ## Installation You can install the released version of MACSQuantifyR with: ``` r # package available in devel version if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") # The following initializes usage of Bioc devel BiocManager::install(version='devel') BiocManager::install("MACSQuantifyR") ``` ## News Changes in version 0.99.0 (2019-10-09) * Not submitted * GUI interface * Sort * Statistics * Graphics