May 15, 2016
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Version bump to trigger package rebuilding now that purl()'ing issue has been correctly identified. knitr does not create purl()'ed (Stangle equivalent) .R files if _R_CHECK_TIMINGS_ is set, which the build system was setting. Now it's not set, so these .R files are now created. See for more.

Dan Tenenbaum authored on 15/05/2016 20:18:19
May 11, 2016
View 2cd6f37

Bump version of all packages that use knitr for vignettes. This is because of an issue (now fixed) in knitr which failed to create purl()'ed R files from vignette sources and include them in the package. This version bump will cause these packages to propagate with those R files included.

Dan Tenenbaum authored on 11/05/2016 23:15:25
May 3, 2016
View 69f32de

Creating branch for BioC 3.3 release.

Dan Tenenbaum authored on 03/05/2016 21:26:31
View 2e92dc1

Bump versions prior to creation of 3.3 branch

Dan Tenenbaum authored on 03/05/2016 21:20:18
April 6, 2016
View 70ba776

Adding pcaExplorer, oppar, pqsfinder, BgeeDB, genbankr, LymphoSeq, pbcmc, InteractionSet, ClusterSignificance

Martin Morgan authored on 06/04/2016 16:10:37