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\title{Similarity score matrix}
\item{productive.seqs}{A list data frames of productive sequences generated 
by the LymphoSeq function productiveSeq.  "count" and "aminoAcid" 
are a required columns.}
A data frame of similarity scores calculated from all pairwise 
comparisons.  The similarity scores is a measure of the amount of overlap 
between two samples.  The value ranges from 0 to 1 where 1 indicates 
the sequence frequencies are identical in the two samples and 0 indicates 
no shared frequencies.
Calculates the similarity score of all pairwise comparison from a list of 
data frames.
file.path <- system.file("extdata", "TCRB_sequencing", package = "LymphoSeq")

file.list <- readImmunoSeq(path = file.path)

productive.aa <- productiveSeq(file.list = file.list, aggregate = "aminoAcid")

similarityMatrix(productive.seqs = productive.aa)
\code{\link{pairwisePlot}} for plotting results as a heat map.