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\title{Remove sequence}
removeSeq(file.list, sequence)
\item{file.list}{A list of data frames imported using the LymphoSeq function 
readImmunoSeq.  "aminoAcid", "count", and "frequencyCount" are required columns.}

\item{sequence}{A character vector of one or more amino acid sequences to 
remove from the list of data frames.}
Returns a list of data frames like the one imported except all rows 
with the specified amino acid sequence are removed.  The frequencyCount is 
Removes an amino acid sequence and associated data from all instances within 
a list of data frames and then recomputes the frequencyCount.
file.path <- system.file("extdata", "TCRB_sequencing", package = "LymphoSeq")

file.list <- readImmunoSeq(path = file.path)

searchSeq(list = file.list, sequence = "CASSDLIGNGKLFF")

cleansed <- removeSeq(file.list = file.list, sequence = "CASSDLIGNGKLFF")

searchSeq(list = cleansed, sequence = "CASSDLIGNGKLFF")