Package: LPEadj
Version: 1.58.0
Date: 2010-04-21
Title: A correction of the local pooled error (LPE) method to replace
        the asymptotic variance adjustment with an unbiased adjustment
        based on sample size.
Author: Carl Murie <>, Robert Nadon
Maintainer: Carl Murie <>
Depends: LPE
Imports: LPE, stats
Description: Two options are added to the LPE algorithm. The original
        LPE method sets all variances below the max variance in the
        ordered distribution of variances to the maximum variance. in
        LPEadj this option is turned off by default.  The second option
        is to use a variance adjustment based on sample size rather
        than pi/2.  By default the LPEadj uses the sample size based
        variance adjustment.
License: LGPL
biocViews: Microarray, Proteomics