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\title{See how many pathway gene knock-outs are available from data}
path_genes_by_cell_type(KEGG_mappings, pert_time = 96, get_KOs = FALSE,
  generate_plot = TRUE)
\item{KEGG_mappings}{KEGG_mappings The data.frame object generated by the 
function expand_KEGG_mappings}

\item{pert_time}{Choose from (6,24,48,96,120,144,168)}

\item{get_KOs}{Logical indicator to have data frame returned}

\item{generate_plot}{Logical indicator to generate histogram}
A plot depicting percentage of pathway genes knocked-out by 
cell line and a data frame object listing the genes [by cell line]
Check quantity of data across cell lines available from LINCS
 corresponding to the pathway of interest
p53_KGML <- get_KGML("hsa04115")
p53_KEGG_mappings <- expand_KEGG_mappings(p53_KGML)