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\title{Get detailed KEGG mapping information for each relation [edge] documented 
in KEGG}
expand_KEGG_edges(KGML_file, KEGG_mappings)
\item{KGML_file}{An object of formal class KEGGPathway}

\item{KEGG_mappings}{The data.frame object generated by the function 
A dataframe object with unique entry information for all edges 
documented in the KEGG pathway. 
        Note that each row has a unique combination of values for
         (entry1, entry2, entry1symbol, entry2symbol).
Extract relationship information from KGML object and re-map
 based on normalized node information
p53_KGML <- get_KGML("hsa04115")
p53_KEGG_mappings <- expand_KEGG_mappings(p53_KGML, FALSE)
p53_edges <- expand_KEGG_edges(p53_KGML, p53_KEGG_mappings)