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\title{Refine pathway by cell type}
refine_mappings(KEGG_mappings, cell_line)
\item{KEGG_mappings}{The data.frame object generated by the function 

\item{cell_line}{Choose from the set of cell lines with baseline data; 
cell-lines may or may not have corresponding KO data}
A dataframe object with reduced set of pathway mappings to be
 passed on to other functions
Reduce the KEGG pathway by only including genes that are 
expressed within a given cell type
p53_KGML <- get_KGML("hsa04115")
p53_KEGG_mappings <-  expand_KEGG_mappings(p53_KGML)
MCF7_p53_mappings <- refine_mappings(p53_KEGG_mappings, "MCF7")