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\title{Add in edges to map documented in other pathways}
keggerize_edges(entry_accession, KGML, KEGG_mappings, edges)
\item{entry_accession}{The Accession # of the pathway entity to 'keggerize'}

\item{KGML}{The KGML file of the current pathway}

\item{KEGG_mappings}{KEGG mappings for the current pathway}

\item{edges}{The expanded edges for the current pathway}
A modified expanded edges data frame with additional rows for new 
For a specific pathway entity(gene), search KEGG databases
to see if it has any other documented relationships in KEGG.
KGML <- get_KGML("hsa04150")
KEGG_mappings <- expand_KEGG_mappings(KGML)
edges <- expand_KEGG_edges(KGML, KEGG_mappings)
entry_accession <- "2475"
mtor_plus_mtor <- keggerize_edges(entry_accession = entry_accession, 
                                  KGML = KGML,KEGG_mappings = KEGG_mappings,
                                  edges = edges) }