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\title{Download and parse KGML file}
get_KGML(pathwayid, get_if_no_edges = FALSE)
\item{pathwayid}{A KEGG pathway ID of the form "hsa12345" 
(only human pathways currently)}

\item{get_if_no_edges}{A logical indicator; if pathway has no edges 
returns null value if set to TRUE}
an object of Formal class KEGGPathway
Download and parse KGML file
mtor_KGML <- get_KGML("hsa04150")

# Some pathways contain only node information; since the purpose of this
# package is to explore pathways in an edge-focused manner, the default
# options return a warning message instead of a parsed KGML file if the 
# input pathway has no edges.
ribosome_KGML <- get_KGML("hsa03020") 
ribosome_KGML <- get_KGML("hsa03020", get_if_no_edges = TRUE)