o [Bug Fix]
    - `findStudiesInCluster`: single-element clusters return the correct
    study now, instead of `null`

    o [Major]
    - `findStudiesInCluster`: the output includes PC number of the participating
    study in the cluster and the variance explained by them. With `studyTitle=FALSE`,
    the output will be a data frame, not a character vector.
    - `subsetEnrichedPathways`: the new argument `include_nes` is added. If it
    is set to `TRUE`, the output will include NES from GSEA.
    - `getRAVInfo` and `getStudyInfo`: two new functions to extract basic
    metadata for RAVs and studies, respectively.
    - We characterize RAVs that are harder to interpret with the currently available
    information associated with them (more detail can be found
    For the following functions, any output including those RAVs will have a
    defulat message: `meshTable`, `drawWordcloud`, `heatmapTable`, `validatedSignatures`.
    You can snooze this by setting `filterMessage = FALSE`
    - New required parameter `RAVmodel` for the following functions:
    `annotatePC`,`heatmapTable` and `validatedSignatures`.
    - New accessor `version` is available to check the version of RAVmodel
    - New function `availableRAVmodel` will output the different versions of 
    RAVmodels available for downloading now. 
    - `getModel` function now takes a new argument, `version`, to specify the 
    version of RAVmodel to download.

    o [Minor]
    - miniRAVmodel is updated

    o [Bug Fix]
    - `n` argument of `annotatePC` was hard-coded. Now it can return
    different number of enriched pathways.
    - `abs` argument of `annotatePC` was fixed.
    - Fix wrongfully assigned variable within `plotAnnotatedPCA` function.

    o [Major]
    - `drawWordcloud` has a new argument `droplist`.
    - Argument name for `plotAnnotatedPCA` is changed from `PCs` to `PCnum`.
    - New argument `studyTitle` for `findStudiesInCluster` function.

    o [Minor]
    - Description of the package is updated.
    - If non-existing index is provided for any function, it will return with
    the error message.

    o Initial release of the 'GenomicSuperSignature' package