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| Master | Dev | |--------|-----| |[![Build Status](]( | [![Build Status](]( | # GenomicDistributions An R package that provides functions for 1) calculating and 2) visualizing a variety of statistics for a collection of genomic ranges. If you have a set of genomic ranges, such as a BED file the GenomicDistributions R package can help you to explore, annotate, visualize,and compare it. ## Installing ### Main package With Bioconductor: ```r if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("GenomicDistributions") ``` Or from GitHub: ```r devtools::install_github("databio/GenomicDistributions") ``` ### Data package [GenomicDistributionsData]( includes full data files, too large to include in GenomicDistributions ## Quick start See the vignettes for more information: ## Building long vignettes In the [long_vignettes](/long_vignettes) are vignettes that require large external data and take a long time to run. Therefore, they should be pre-built. You can render them manually by running [long_vignettes/render-long-vignettes.R](long_vignettes/render-long-vignettes.R). This will use `knitr` to run the vignette and put the result into the `vignettes` folder, along with output figures. **Cite GenomicDistributions:**\ Kupkova K., Mosquera J.V., Smith J.P., Stolarczyk M, Danehy T., Lawson J.T., Rogers S., LeRoy N., Sheffield N.C. GenomicDistributions: fast analysis of genomic intervals with Bioconductor. *BMC Genomics* 23, 299 (2022).