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[![Build Status](]( [![codecov](]( ## GenVisR Please cite: "Skidmore et al. 2016 GenVisR: Genomic Visualizations in R Bioinformatics 32, 3012-3014" [pubmed]( [Bioconductor]( Intuitively visualizing and interpreting data from high-throughput genomic technologies continues to be challenging. "Genomic Visualizations in R" (GenVisR) attempts to alleviate this burden by providing highly customizable publication-quality graphics supporting multiple species and focused primarily on a cohort level (i.e., multiple samples/patients). GenVisR attempts to maintain a high degree of flexibility while leveraging the abilities of ggplot2 and bioconductor to achieve this goal. ### Install from Bioconductor For the majority of users we recommend installing GenVisR from the release branch of Bioconductor, Installation instructions using this method can be found on the [GenVisR landing page]( on Bioconductor. Please note that GenVisR imports a few packages that have "system requirements", in most cases these requirements will already be installed. If they are not please follow the instructions to install these packages given in the R terminal. Briefly these packages are: "libcurl4-openssl-dev" and "libxml2-dev" ### Development Development for GenVisR occurs on the griffith lab github repository available [here]( For users wishing to contribute to development we recommend cloning the GenVisR repo there and submitting a pull request. Please note that development occurs on the R version that will be available at each Bioconductor release cycle. This ensures that GenVisR will be stable for each Bioconductor release but it may necessitate developers download R-devel. We also encourage users to report bugs and suggest enhancements to GenVisR on the github issue page available [here]( To install the latest development version of GenVisR (not recommended for most users): ```R # install and load devtools package install.packages("devtools") library(devtools) # install GenVisR from github install_github("griffithlab/GenVisR") ``` ### Vignettes Documentation for GenVisR can be found on the bioconductor landing page in the form of vignettes available here [GenVisR]( Tutorials can also be found on Vignettes can also be viewed from within R. ```R # view vignettes vignette(package="GenVisR") ```