Changes in version 0.99.106 (2020-06-29) + Submitted to Bioconductor Changes in version 1.0.0 (2020-10-27) + Accepted by Bioconductor. Included in RELEASE 3.12 Changes in version 1.0.1 (2020-01-26) + Fixed bug. Tests calling gprofiler now fixed to avoir error based on databases updates + Corrected undocumented params Changes in version 1.1.5 + Added a sub module detection function : get_sub_clusters() + Added a coloration argument on plot_module() to color graph according to given groups + Added warnings on suspicious power fitted and FAQ to help their resolution (get_fit.cor(), get_fit.expr(), build_net()) + Added handling of NA in model matrix of associate_phenotype() and warnings when they are present + Added use of other correlation function in associate_phenotype() + Added a ggplot2 like palette generator (internal) + Removed hard coded arguments : o alpha for plot_expression_profiles() o text angle for plot_comparison_stats(), plot_modules_phenotype() o deepSplit for detect_modules() + Changed WGCNA::cor() + WGCNA::corPvalueStudent() functions for WGCNA::corAndPvalue() + Changed erroneous info on SVD/PCA in FAQ