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# GSVA: gene set variation analysis for microarray and RNA-seq data [![Bioconductor Time](]( "How long has been GSVA in a release of Bioconductor") [![Bioconductor Downloads](]( "Percentile (top 5/20/50% or 'available') of downloads over the last 6 full months") [![Bioconductor Commits](]( "Average SVN commits (to the devel branch) per month over the last 6 months") [![Support posts](]( "Bioconductor support site activity on GSVA, last 6 months: tagged questions/avg. answers per question/avg. comments per question/accepted answers, or 0 if no tagged posts.") **Current build status** - `release` [![Bioconductor Availability](]( "Whether GSVA release is available on all platforms") [![Bioconductor Release Build](]( "Bioconductor release build") - `development` [![Bioconductor Availability](]( "Whether GSVA devel is available on all platforms") [![Bioconductor Devel Build](]( "Bioconductor devel build") ## Installation This is the __development__ version of the R/Bioconductor package GSVA. This version is unstable and should be used only to test new features. If you are looking for the __release__ version of this package please go to its package release landing page at []( and follow the instructions there to install it. If you were really looking for this development version, then to install it you need first to install the development version of R that you can find at []( and then type the following instructions from the R shell: ```r source("") library(BiocInstaller) useDevel() biocLite("GSVA") ``` Alternatively, you can install it from GitHub using the [devtools]( "devtools") package. ```r install.packages("devtools") library(devtools) install_github("rcastelo/GSVA") ``` ## Questions, bug reports and issues For questions and bug reports regarding the __release__ version of **GSVA** please use the [Bioconductor support site]( "Bioconductor support site"). For bug reports and issues regarding this __development__ version of **GSVA** please use the GitHub issues link at the top-right of this page ([](