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# GOSemSim Implemented five methods proposed by Resnik, Schlicker, Jiang, Lin and Wang respectively for estimating GO semantic similarities. Support many species, including Anopheles, Arabidopsis, Bovine, Canine, Chicken, Chimp, Coelicolor, E coli strain K12 and Sakai, Fly, Human, Malaria, Mouse, Pig, Rhesus, Rat, Worm, Xenopus, Yeast, and Zebrafish. ## Authors ## Guangchuang YU, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong []( ## Citation ## Please cite the following article when using `GOSemSim`: ``` Yu G, Li F, Qin Y, Bo X, Wu Y and Wang S. GOSemSim: an R package for measuring semantic similarity among GO terms and gene products. Bioinformatics, 2010, 26(7):976-978. ``` URL: []( ## License ## All source code is copyright, under the Artistic-2.0 License. For more information on Artistic-2.0 License see []( ## Installation ## To install: * the latest released version: `biocLite("GOSemSim")` * the latest development version: `install_github("GuangchuangYu/GOSemSim")` Find out more at []( and check out the [vignette]( ## Proper use of GOSemSim ## I am very glad that many people find GOSemSim useful and [GOSemSim]( has been cited by 114 (by [google scholar](, Aug, 2014). There are two R packages [BiSEp]( and [tRanslatome]( depend on `GOSemSim` and three R packages [clusterProfiler](, [DOSE]( and [Rcpi]( import `GOSemSim`. [SemDist]( package copy some of the source code from `GOSemSim` with acknowledging within source code and document. [ppiPre]( package copy many source code from `GOSemSim` without any acknowledgement in souce code or document and did not cited `GOSemSim` in their [publication]( This violates the restriction of open source license. For R developers, if you found functions provided in `GOSemSim` useful, please depends or imports `GOSemSim`. If you would like to copy and paste source code, you should acknowledge the source code was copied/derived from `GOSemSim` authored by Guangchuang Yu <> within source code, add `GOSemSim` in Suggests field and also includes the following reference in the man files for functions that copied/derived from `GOSemSim` and cited in vignettes. ``` \references{ Yu et al. (2010) GOSemSim: an R package for measuring semantic similarity among GO terms and gene products \emph{Bioinformatics} (Oxford, England), 26:7 976--978, April 2010. ISSN 1367-4803 \url{} PMID: 20179076 } ``` Please also refer to my blog post: [proper use of GOSemSim]( You are welcome to use `GOSemSim` in the way you like, but please cite it and give it the proper credit. I hope you can understand. ## Bugs/Feature requests ## - If you have any, [let me know]( Thx!