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# EventPointer [![platforms](]( [![build](]( [![updated](]( [![yearsBioC](]( *EventPointer* is an R package to identify alternative splicing events that involve either simple (case-control experiment) or complex experimental designs such as time course experiments and studies including paired-samples. The algorithm can be used to analyze data from either junction arrays (Affymetrix Arrays) or sequencing data (RNA-Seq). The software returns a data.frame with the detected alternative splicing events: gene name, type of event (cassette, alternative 3',...,etc), genomic position, statistical significance and increment of the percent spliced in (Delta PSI) for all the events. The algorithm can generate a series of files to visualize the detected alternative splicing events in IGV. This eases the interpretation of results and the design of primers for standard PCR validation. ![**Figure 1.** EventPointer pipeline ]( # Installation EventPointer can be installed from Bioconductor using the BiocManager package: ```{r, eval=FALSE} if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly=TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") library(BiocManager) BiocManager::install("EventPointer") ```