Package: EBSeqHMM
Type: Package
Title: Bayesian analysis for identifying gene or isoform expression
        changes in ordered RNA-seq experiments
Version: 1.37.0
Date: 2015-03-21
Author: Ning Leng, Christina Kendziorski
Depends: EBSeq
Maintainer: Ning Leng <>
Description: The EBSeqHMM package implements an auto-regressive hidden Markov model for statistical analysis in ordered RNA-seq experiments (e.g. time course or spatial course data). The EBSeqHMM package provides functions to identify genes and isoforms that have non-constant expression profile over the time points/positions, and cluster them into expression paths.
License: Artistic-2.0
Collate: 'EBTest_ext.R' 'EBHMMNBfunForMulti.R' 'EBHMMNBfun.R'
        'EBHMMNBMultiEM_2chain.R' 'f0.R' 'LikefunNBHMM.R' ''
        'EBSeqHMMTest.R' 'GetConfidentCalls.R' 'GetDECalls.R'
        'GetAllPaths.R' 'PlotExp.R'
BuildVignettes: yes
biocViews: ImmunoOncology, StatisticalMethod, DifferentialExpression,
        MultipleComparison, RNASeq, Sequencing, GeneExpression,
        Bayesian, HiddenMarkovModel, TimeCourse