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# DiscoRhythm - Discovering Rhythmicity <img src="inst/app/www/disco_128.png" align="right" width="120" /> ![platforms]( ![build]( ![in Bioc]( [![](]( ## Overview A summary of DiscoRhythm from *[Carlucci M. et al, 2020](* is presented below. ![](inst/DiscoRhythm_Figure1.png) > DiscoRhythm is available as a web application or an R/Bioconductor package for estimating phase, amplitude, and statistical significance using four popular approaches to rhythm detection (Cosinor, JTK Cycle, ARSER, and Lomb-Scargle). [...] Informative visualizations, interactive modules for quality control, dimensionality reduction, periodicity profiling, and incorporation of experimental replicates make DiscoRhythm a thorough toolkit for analyzing rhythmicity. ----------------------------------------------------- ## Getting Started The web application can be accessed on the [DiscoRhythm public server]( See the [tutorial]( for details on usage of the web application and R package. See [DiscoRhythm on Bioconductor]( for more details. Use the [issue board]( to provide feedback on DiscoRhythm (feature requests, bugs, and further questions). ### R Package Installation For local usage of DiscoRhythm, install the R package from Bioconductor: ``` if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly=TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("DiscoRhythm") ``` Or install the latest version from GitHub: ``` library(devtools) install_github("matthewcarlucci/DiscoRhythm", build_vignettes=TRUE) ``` ### Usage with Docker If [docker]( is installed, the [DiscoRhythm container on Docker Hub]( can be used to run the DiscoRhythm web application. ### Citation >Matthew Carlucci, Algimantas Kriščiūnas, Haohan Li, Povilas Gibas, Karolis Koncevičius, Art Petronis, Gabriel Oh, DiscoRhythm: an easy-to-use web application and R package for discovering rhythmicity, *Bioinformatics*, Volume 36, Issue 6, 15 March 2020, Pages 1952–1954, [](