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## Automation and visualization of flow cytometry data analysis pipelines [![Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.](]( [![R-CMD-check-bioc](]( [![license](]( <!--- [![](]( --> ### What is CytoPipelineGUI? `CytoPipelineGUI` is the companion package of `CytoPipeline`, and is used for interactive visualization. It implements two shiny applications : - a shiny app for interactive comparison of flow frames that are the results of CytoProcessingSteps of the same or different CytoPipeline experiments. It is launched using the following statement: `CytoPipelineCheckApp()` - a shiny app for interactive visualization and manual adjustments of scale transformation objects. It is launched using the following statement: `ScaleTransformApp()` ### License The `CytoPipelineGUI` code is provided under [GPL license version 3.0 or higher]( The documentation, including the manual pages and the vignettes, are distributed under a [CC BY-SA 4.0 license]( ### Citation If you use `CytopipelineGUI` in your research, please use the following citation: >Hauchamps P, Bayat B, Delandre S, Hamrouni M, Toussaint M, Temmerman S, > Lin D, Gatto L (2024). > “CytoPipeline and CytoPipelineGUI: a Bioconductor R package suite > for building and visualizing automated pre-processing pipelines > for flow cytometry data.” _BMC Bioinformatics_, *25*(1), 80. > doi:10.1186/s12859-024-05691-z <>. or run `citation("CytoPipelineGUI")` to get the bibtex entry.