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\title{Parser for gatingML exported by Cytobank}
read.gatingML.cytobank(file, ...)
\item{file}{Gating-ML XML file}

\item{...}{additional arguments passed to the handlers of 'xmlTreeParse'}
a graphGML that represents the population tree.
The gate and population name are stored in nodeData of each node.
Compensation and transformations are stored in graphData.
The Default parser (flowUtils::read.gatingML) does not  parse the population tree as well as
the custom information from cytobank. (e.g. gate name, fcs filename).
xml <- system.file("extdata/cytotrol_tcell_cytobank.xml", package = "CytoML")
g <- read.gatingML.cytobank(xml) #parse the population tree
#plot(g) #visualize it