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\title{add customInfo nodes to each gate node and add BooleanAndGates}
addCustomInfo(root, gs, flowEnv, cytobank.default.scale = TRUE, showHidden)
\item{root}{the root node of the XML}

\item{gs}{a GatingSet object}

\item{flowEnv}{the environment that stores the information parsed by 'read.GatingML'.}

\item{cytobank.default.scale}{logical flag indicating whether to use the default Cytobank asinhtGml2 settings.
Currently it should be set to TRUE in order for gates to be displayed properly in Cytobank
because cytobank currently does not parse the global scale settings from GatingML.}

\item{showHidden}{whether to include the hidden population nodes in the output}
XML root node
add customInfo nodes to each gate node and add BooleanAndGates