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\title{get nodes from {graphGML} object}
\S4method{getNodes}{graphGML}(x, y, order = c("default", "bfs", "dfs",
  "tsort"), only.names = TRUE)

\item{y}{\code{character} node index. When \code{missing}, return all the nodes}

\item{order}{\code{character} specifying the order of nodes. options are "default", "bfs", "dfs", "tsort"}

\item{only.names}{\code{logical} specifiying whether user wants to get the entire \code{nodeData} or just the name of the population node}
It returns the node names and population names by default. Or return the entire nodeData associated with each node.
get nodes from {graphGML} object
xmlfile <- system.file("extdata/cytotrol_tcell_cytobank.xml", package = "CytoML")
g <- read.gatingML.cytobank(xmlfile)
getNodes(g, only.names = FALSE)