Default UpSet Right Annotation
Default UpSet Right Annotation
    gp = gpar(fill = "black"),
    width = unit(ifelse(set_on_rows, 2, 3), "cm"),
    show_annotation_name = TRUE,
    annotation_name_gp = gpar(),
    annotation_name_offset = NULL,
    annotation_name_side = "bottom",
    annotation_name_rot = NULL,

  \item{m}{A combination matrix which is as same as the one for \code{\link{UpSet}}.}
  \item{gp}{Graphic parameters for bars.}
  \item{width}{Width of the right annotation.}
  \item{show_annotation_name}{Whether show annotation names?}
  \item{annotation_name_gp}{Graphic parameters for anntation names.}
  \item{annotation_name_offset}{Offset to the annotation name, a \code{\link[grid]{unit}} object.}
  \item{annotation_name_side}{Side of the annotation name.}
  \item{annotation_name_rot}{Rotation of the annotation name, it can only take values in \code{c(00, 90, 180, 270)}.}
  \item{...}{Passed to \code{\link{anno_barplot}}, e.g. to set \code{add_numbers}.}

The default right annotation is actually barplot implemented by \code{\link{anno_barplot}}. For
how to set the right annotation or left annotation in \code{\link{UpSet}}, please refer to \code{\link{UpSet}}.

If you want to use \code{\link{decorate_annotation}} function, the annotation name for the "sets"
is \code{set_size} and the annotation name for the "intersection sets" are \code{intersection_size}
and if under the union mode, it is \code{union_size}.
# There is no example