Draw Heatmap Dendrograms
Draw Heatmap Dendrograms
    which = c("row", "column"), k = 1, max_height = NULL, ...)

  \item{object}{A \code{\link{Heatmap-class}} object.}
  \item{which}{Are the dendrograms put on the row or on the column of the heatmap?}
  \item{k}{Slice index.}
  \item{max_height}{maximal height of dendrogram.}
  \item{...}{Pass to \code{\link[grid]{viewport}} which includes the complete heatmap dendrograms.}

A viewport is created which contains dendrograms.

This function is only for internal use.
This function returns no value.
Zuguang Gu <z.gu@dkfz.de>
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