#' Post Processing of Parallel Output
#' @param AP.fixed output of parallel gapsMapRun calls with same FP
#' @param setAs data.frame with rows giving fixed patterns for A used as input
#' for gapsMapRun
#' @return list of two data.frames containing the A matrix estimates or their
#' corresponding standard deviations from output of parallel CoGAPS
postFixed4SC <- function(AP.fixed, setAs)
    ASummary <- AP.fixed[[1]]$Amean
    PSummary <- do.call(cbind,lapply(AP.fixed, function(x) x$Pmean))
    Psd <- do.call(cbind,lapply(AP.fixed, function(x) x$Psd))

    Amax <- apply(ASummary,2,max)
    Aneu <- sweep(ASummary,2,Amax,FUN="/")
    Pneu <- sweep(PSummary,1,Amax,FUN="*")

    X <- apply(Aneu,2,range)
    Y <- apply(setAs,2,range)
    colnames(X) <- colnames(Y)
    if (all.equal(X,Y,tolerance=0.01) != TRUE)
        warning("Patterns do not match fixed values.")