#include "Matrix.h"
#include "Vector.h"
#include "HybridVector.h"
#include "../utils/GapsAssert.h"

#include <vector>

// Stores data in row major order with dense vectors, and column major order
// with hybrid vectors - which provide a sparse vector interface but have
// a dense vector implementation. This data structure provides row-wise
// and column-wise dense vectors, while also allowing the columns to 
// be used in a SparseIterator with an actual SparseVector. Importantly,
// we can update values in O(1).
class HybridMatrix

    HybridMatrix(unsigned nrow, unsigned ncol);
    unsigned nRow() const;
    unsigned nCol() const;

    void add(unsigned i, unsigned j, float v);
    float operator()(unsigned i, unsigned j) const;
    const Vector& getRow(unsigned n) const;
    const HybridVector& getCol(unsigned n) const;

    void operator=(const Matrix &mat);

    friend Archive& operator<<(Archive &ar, const HybridMatrix &vec);
    friend Archive& operator>>(Archive &ar, HybridMatrix &vec);


    std::vector<Vector> mRows;
    std::vector<HybridVector> mCols;
    unsigned mNumRows;
    unsigned mNumCols;