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\title{Constructor for CogapsResult}
\S4method{initialize}{CogapsResult}(.Object, Amean, Pmean, Asd, Psd,
  meanChiSq, geneNames, sampleNames, diagnostics = NULL, ...)
\item{.Object}{CogapsResult object}

\item{Amean}{mean of sampled A matrices}

\item{Pmean}{mean of sampled P matrices}

\item{Asd}{std dev of sampled A matrices}

\item{Psd}{std dev of sampled P matrices}

\item{meanChiSq}{mean value of ChiSq statistic}

\item{geneNames}{names of genes in data}

\item{sampleNames}{names of samples in data}

\item{diagnostics}{assorted diagnostic reports from the run}

\item{...}{initial values for slots}
initialized CogapsResult object
Constructor for CogapsResult