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# CiteFuse CiteFuse is a streamlined package consisting of a suite of tools for pre-processing, modality integration, clustering, differential RNA and ADT expression analysis, ADT evaluation, ligand-receptor interaction analysis, and interactive web-based visualization of CITE-seq data ## Installation Install CiteFuse via Bioconductor ```r library(BiocManager) BiocManager::install("CiteFuse") ``` Install github version CiteFuse ```r BiocManager::install("SydneyBioX/CiteFuse") ``` ## Vignette You can find the vignette at our website: ## CiteFuse overview <img src="" align="center"/> ## Citation <div class="oxford-citation-text"> Hani Jieun Kim, Yingxin Lin, Thomas A Geddes, Jean Yee Hwa Yang, Pengyi Yang, CiteFuse enables multi-modal analysis of CITE-seq data, _Bioinformatics_, Volume 36, Issue 14, 15 July 2020, Pages 4137–4143, []( </div>