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# ceTF <img src="vignettes/logo.png" align="right" width="300" /> An implementation of PCIT and RIF analysis in R ## Overview This package provides the necessary instructions for performing the Partial Correlation coefficient with Information Theory (PCIT) from [Reverter and Chan 2008]( and Regulatory Impact Factors (RIF) from [Reverter et al. 2010]( algorithm. The PCIT algorithm identifies meaningful correlations to define edges in a weighted network. The algorithm can be applied to any correlation-based network including but not limited to gene co-expression networks. While the RIF algorithm identify critical transcript factors (TF) from gene expression data. These two algorithms when combined provide a very relevant layer of information for gene expression studies (Microarray, RNA-seq and single-cell RNA-seq data). ## Installation To properly run <b>ceTF</b> package is necessary to install some dependencies. For Linux users is necessary to install the following dependencies: * libcurl4-openssl-dev * libxml2-dev * libssl-dev * gfortran * build-essential * libz-dev * zlib1g-dev To install R packages dependencies, run: ```R #CRAN dependencies packagesCRAN <- c('BiocManager', 'crayon', 'dplyr', 'geomnet', 'GGally', 'ggplot2', 'ggpubr', 'ggrepel', 'kableExtra', 'knitr', 'network', 'pbapply', 'reshape2', 'rmarkdown', 'scales', 'testthat', 'tidyr') install.packages(packagesCRAN[!packagesCRAN %in% installed.packages()[,1]]) #Bioconductor dependencies packagesBioc <- c('airway', 'clusterProfiler', 'DESeq2', '', 'SummarizedExperiment') BiocManager::install(packagesBioc[!packagesBioc %in% installed.packages()[,1]]) ``` Finally, to install ceTF package: ```R devtools::install_github("cbiagii/ceTF") ``` ## Docker To install docker follow the instructions in the links below depending on your operating system * CentOS: * Debian: * Fedora: * Ubuntu: * MacOS: * Windows: #### Docker pull Once docker is installed, the next step is pull the **ceTF** image from dockerhub using the following command: ```docker docker pull biagii/ceTF:0.99.0 ``` #### Running image There are several differents parameters to run the downloaded image. The most commom way is executing the following command: ```docker docker run --rm -d -p PORT:PORT -e PASSWORD=password --name [ANY_NAME] -v /server/path/:/docker/path/ -e USERID=$UID biagii/ceTF:0.99.0 ``` Once the docker image is running, the Rstudio interface with all the necessary dependencies will be made available, and of course the ceTF package, installed ready for use. ## Help <p>Any questions contact the developer by email: <a href="#"></a></p>