\title{A function to map probe identifiers to pathways. }
 Given a set of probe identifiers from a microarray this function looks
 up all KEGG pathways that the probe is documented to be involved in.
probes2Path(pids, data = "hgu133plus2")

  \item{pids}{A vector of probe identifiers. }
  \item{data}{The character name of the chip. }
  This is a simple look up in the appropriate chip \code{PATH} data
 A list of pathway vectors. One element for each value of \code{pid}
 that is mapped to at least one pathway.
\author{R. Gentleman }

\seealso{ \code{\link{findAMstats}} }
 x = c("1001_at", "1000_at")
 probes2Path(x, "hgu95av2.db")