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Bump versions of all packages that define "c" methods

The Windows and Mac binary packages currently available in BioC 3.4 were all
built with R 3.3.2. Unfortunately, because of a change in the signature of
the c() generic introduced in R 3.3.3, binary packages built with R 3.3.2 and
defining "c" methods are incompatible with R 3.3.3 and need to be rebuilt with
R 3.3.3. Now that our Windows and Mac build machines for BioC 3.4 have been
updated to use R 3.3.3, these version bumps will trigger the rebuilt of the
broken binaries and the propagation of the new binaries to the public repos.
IMPORTANT NOTE: R 3.3.2 users will get a spurious warning that these new
binaries have been built with R 3.3.3 when loading them. It seems safe to
ignore it though.

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Herve Pages authored on 16/03/2017 02:03:50
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
1 1
 Package: CNEr 
-Version: 1.10.1
+Version: 1.10.2
3 3
 Date: 2016-10-25
4 4
 Title: CNE Detection and Visualization
5 5
 Description: Large-scale identification and advanced visualization