Utility functions related to Axt alignment
  A collection of different functions used to deal with \code{Axt} object.
  mismatchSummary(x, ...) ## mismatch number and proportion

    An \code{Axt} object
    Currently not used.
  'mismatchSummary': a numeric vector giving the numner of mismatches and 
    the proportion of mismatches.

  Ge Tan

  axtFilesHg19DanRer7 <- file.path(system.file("extdata", package="CNEr"),
  axtHg19DanRer7 <- readAxt(axtFilesHg19DanRer7)
% Add one or more standard keywords, see file 'KEYWORDS' in the
% R documentation directory.
\keyword{ ~kwd1 }
\keyword{ ~kwd2 }% __ONLY ONE__ keyword per line