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# BiocWorkflowTools ### Tools to aid the development of Bioconductor Workflow packages. **BiocWorkflowTools** provide a mechanism to assist in converting between R Markdown and LaTeX documents, specifically in the case where one is writing an anaylsis workflow to be submitted to F1000Research, with the intention to also host a runable example on Bioconductor. Reaching these two endpoints while maintaining a single working document can be challenging. Submission to the journal requires a LaTeX file, which is best achieved by writing an Rnw workflow based on **Sweave** or **knitr**, while producing the html based versions hosted by Bioconductor is most easily achieved from an R Markdown document. **BiocWorkflowTools** allows an author to convert a R Markdown document to a submission ready LaTeX document with all the appropriate formating applied automatically. ## Current Status | Travis | BioC | | ------------- |-------------| | [![Build Status](]( | [![BioC Status](]( ## Contact For bug reports, please register an [issue]( here on Github. For usage queries please post a question on the [Bioconductor Support Forum]( ## Funding Funding for continued development and maintenance of this package is provided by the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure <a href=""><img src="" width="400" align="left"></a>