\title{Mappings between TAIR identifiers and KEGG pathway identifiers}
  KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) maintains pathway data
  for various organisms. @ANNOBJPREFIX@PATH maps TAIR identifiers to the
  identifiers used by KEGG for pathways in which the genes represented
  by the TAIR identifiers are involved
  Each KEGG pathway has a name and identifier. Pathway name for a given pathway
  identifier can be obtained using the KEGG data package that can either be
  built using AnnBuilder or downloaded from Bioconductor

  Graphic presentations of pathways are searchable at
  url http://www.genome.ad.jp/kegg/pathway.html by using pathway identifiers as

  Mappings were based on data provided by: @PATHSOURCE@


    \item \code{\link[AnnotationDbi]{AnnotationDb-class}} for use of
          the \code{select()} interface.

## select() interface:
## Objects in this package can be accessed using the select() interface
## from the AnnotationDbi package. See ?select for details.

## Bimap interface:
# Get the TAIR identifiers that are mapped to a KEGG pathway ID
mapped_genes <- mappedkeys(x)
# Convert to a list
xx <- as.list(x[mapped_genes])
if(length(xx) > 0) {
  # Get the PATH for the first five genes
  # Get the first one